Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Review- The Facebook Effect

If you have seen the social network you can probably skip to the middle of this book as the first half is just a re-cap of what you already know.  It does however continue the story laid out in the Oscar nominated film, biographically filling in the blanks on the story of Facebooks creation through 2010.  The story shows just how complex of an idea Mark Zuckerberg has for Facebook, stating he has a 100 year plan for how the social network will evolve.  The author has interviewed Zuckerberg, much of his staff, and the vast network of business partners involved in Facebook.
This book is definitely worth the read if you want to learn more about Facebook, however it is the last few chapters that really resonated with me because of the impact to the global paradigms shifts we are seeing play out on the nightly news.  It is in the last few chapters that the author explores Facebook's role in future of society and how our inter-connectivity will bring about news ways of accomplishing old tasks and benefiting the greater good.  I know how it sounds its almost a superficial proclamation, yet we are experiencing a new revolution take place right now.  Many people don't realize that the spark that ignited the protests in Egypt were started by a few Facebook posts.  (see my earlier post of the ny times video) It was those posts that spread into a collective angst mixed with hope that eventually lead to the resignation of Egypt's leader.  The author may not be completely accurate in how Facebook will be molded the the progression of future generations but Kirkpatrick does offer interesting ideas.
Want More on Egypt......(Check out my new favorite Webisite TED(link below) for Wael Ghonim's (the Google Guy) speech on how one idea can change the world.)  Throughout the book Kirkpatrick lays out how much of a rival Facebook is for Google, which makes it quite ironic how when listening to this Google employee basically state a case for why Facebook is so important.  

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