Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark-Review

Outside the Foxwoods Theater

My Beautiful Wife Tammy showing off the Playbill.

Spider-man TurnOff the 2nd Act. While the reviews from so-called real broadway critics have been anything but nice to this play, we found it quite enjoyable.  The first act was really mesmerizing, the comic book set designs were amazing and really made it seem like it was a live action comic book.  Some of the songs were admittedly hokey but the others really rocked!  The sound was audibly U2 all the way complete with the Edge's signature guitar riffs, which come from stage left where two guitarists play from the entire show.  The story of the first act was safe and a direct short of the first Spiderman movie from 2002 with simple more stage-able plot changes, with some of the action taking place on stage and some of it above the heads of the entire crowd.  Spiderman's flying and and fighting takes place in the air and Spiderman even interacts with the crowd by landing on the edge of each level of the theater and in the aisles.  The second act for me was pretty bad, it's a bit of an interpretive dream sequence between Peter Parker and Arachne the spider-Goddess that passes Peter his superhero powers.  The songs were forgetful and this is where I really hope they tweak the story during their re-constructive break starting 17 April.  I am by no means a Broadway critic as I have only seen a few plays, but for what it's worth when this re-opens check it out despite any real critical slamming it may get, as for all it's negative press it's a really fun adventure.

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