Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lake Pattagansett

The Island in Lake Pattagansett, CT!  Tammy and I spent the weekend in Rhode Island and on the way home we stopped at Lake Pattagansett, where my family and I vacationed in the 80's, it wasn't quite as we left it but really cool to revisit.

The swing set on the "Beach".  We spent alot of time here going as high as we could and then jumping into the sand.

Here's a look to the left on the beach, there used to be a dock here, but it's gone now.

This was taken on the edge of the beach to the right looking out onto the lake.

These are "Cabins" 3 and 4.  I think we used to stay in Cabin 3.  They are now residential homes.  They used to be Blue.

This is "the Cove" we used to fish from here with raw bacon on a hook.  We only ever caught Sunnies, turtles, and my brother Kevin.  I remember running from the car to fish from this spot even before my parents finished unpacking the car.  We would also launch a row boat from here and head out on the lake fishing, thinking back we were young to be doing that, but we did have life vests. 

This is a zoomed in picture across "the Cove"  it wasn't taken from "The Point" I couldn't get there without tresspassing, so i took it from the shoreline of the row boat launch in the above picture.  There used to be a Rope Swing on one of the trees over there but it appears to be gone now.  Out of the four of us I think my older brother Bryan was the only one to actually swing from it.  I didn't get to see "Penny Island" from where I was but the stop brought back a lot of memories.  We also drove by the old "Hobby Shop" where we used to walk to for Sodas and Baseball Cards, i didn't get a picture but it is now a Hardware store.

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